Should parents send their kids back to government schools?

To explore this dilemma, we tell the story of how actress & author Sam Sorbo was faced with this question and why she made the decision to become a homeschooling advocate. Her journey may be the antidote to the anti-American poison pumped into our young by the public school indoctrination machine. Listen here.

What are you willing to do to protect America’s freedoms?

To help you find the answer, we tell two stories of American bravery in the midst of an epidemic – one, a Wisconsinite artist that saw the government using a pandemic to break the law…and she decide to fight back. And the second, Pulitzer Prize winning historian & author of Pox Americana, Elizabeth A. Fenn, tells us the story of a rarely discussed deadly outbreak that our earliest patriots faced during America’s original fight for liberty – and their ability to overcome it eventually led to the freedoms you enjoy today. Listen here.

Should patriots abandon major American cities?

To find the answer, we’re updating one of our very first episodes – the seminal 2016 Trump San Jose rally case – where a MAGA-hat-wearing man was forced into an angry far-left mob…by the police. His ugly ordeal quietly came to an end in March 2020 – and the result sends a clear message to law and order Americans all over the country. Listen here.

Has conservatism failed?

To find the answer, we follow the rise of the 2020 Insurrection and how a conservative Catholic enclave treated one of its own, Timothy J. Gordon, when the mob came to town.  Listen here.

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